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Mirror Images

by Marie McGrath Davis 11 days ago in vintage

We are forever...

Deep within the mirror

I see you captured there

My every line your wisdom

Your laughter, your prayer.

I see what life has given you

What you have given me

And only I can treasure these -

The memories I see.

The words I set upon the page

Are mine, but even yet

I hear my father's voice afar,

"Don't ever, love, forget."

The music to the songs I write

Flows gently as I sway

To every note my mother sang

Before she went away.

I sing to you, to both my loves

In a voice I know is yours

My songs cannot be sung without

Your harmony, your chords.

How small this child in stature

Against the mirror glare

Yet ev’ry breath a history speaks

In cadences we share.

Though time will have its victory

And claim this face I see

I know I’ll always find you here

You’re always home with me.


Marie McGrath Davis

Old vegan, animal-rescuing, ex-corporate communicator with lifelong crippling shyness that made expressing myself verbally near impossible.So I took my weirdness to paper, then to typewriter and, now, to computer screen. I write all wrong.

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Marie McGrath Davis
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