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The Unexpected

Image Source: Pinterest Artist: Ashley Joncas

I don't know what I expected to see,

but the chill of recognition I felt,

looking at your picture on your firm's site,

some thirty-plus years after the last time

I held you with the passion in my eyes,

was truly unexpected, and chilling.

More than three decades had changed us,

but all I saw was the woman everyone

thought I would marry in the end.

But it is all irrelevant, looking at

another woman's wife, knowing your heart

was never mine for the keeping,

only the bond of affection we once shared,

and the knowledge our lives had changed

far too much for us to ever

return to the innocence we lost

two friends, never-to-be-lovers,

from a long time ago, and a love unaired.

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Ruben Willis
Ruben Willis
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