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Midsummers Kiss

lover girl poem

By Karen GosalPublished 3 months ago 2 min read

She dreams a life of simplicity

White dress backless, hair voluptuous and pretty

With her white boots with ruffles on the side

Hair swaying as she takes her mare for a ride

Silk bows through her hair

In this world without a care

She smells like lavender and fresh vanilla

As she waters the delicate flowers in her country villa

Listening to records of Elvis and Pricilla

In a wicker basket fresh strawberries and cream

Her life feels like a dream

Baked pumpkin cinnamon muffins wrapped in gingham print

Water with a splash of mint

She thinks of him since he's so tall and strong

Will he get the hint

She wonders when this dangerous man won’t make her wait so long

Her cheeks flush red when she thinks of him

Tattoos inked on his body he’s tall and she's tiny and slim

She is passionate about love

Dreams of it all the time

With the sounds of the sea waves that chime

In her lil book quilted with lace she’s writing poetry

Sitting on the grass under the magnolia tree

Trying to make it rhyme

Pouring herself a flute of cherry wine

A cowboy on his white horse

When she sees him her heart beats with such force

He grabs her with his strong big hands

Kisses her so, it makes her in love with his commands

She looks at him and he pulls out a map

Only going where their hearts land

Maybe a destination with a boat and white sands

She hops on the back of his steed, her feet in the straps

This dangerous man has her heart doing laps

The desert hills they go and seek

Only to have their love peak

Her soft voice whispers, “Te quiero”

While his gaze says “Te amo”

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About the Creator

Karen Gosal

Aspiring science student, who adores cooking, fashion, and nature. Thus, I am here to learn and guide in my passions.

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