by Rebecca Mahar 11 months ago in love poems

This is my nighttime love for you.


Midnight struck and I sat quietly

hearing my own heartbeat

next to yours.

Your smiling face

making my entire body

flutter with excitement.

I’ve missed your touch

your aura

your entire being.

I hear your name in my dreams

and see your face in the corner

of my eye all day long.

Do you know what you mean to me?

Do you feel what I feel for you?

Grace my presence with your

lovely image and calm this

storm in my rumbling soul.

Years and years have gone by

and I wonder if you’ve thought

about me.

I’ve certainly thought about you.

love poems
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Rebecca Mahar

Hi there! I love writing and anything really creative and so I figured I'd try my hand here at writing poems and possibly stories. Everyone needs a hobby, right?

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