Message from the Abyss

By Brianna Galligan

Message from the Abyss

And as Apollo continues to draw his chariot across the sky,

So does the deep purple night blanket the clouds ,

Amid a crescent moon.

The smile of a Cheshire cat

Mingles with the playful thoughts

Of distant childhood.

Eyes travel towards the distant maiden,

Never knowing so many are together

In this one moment.

So many stare.

Joined as one in unbeknownst wonder

At the celestial prism.

Night seeps in

And the watchful stars gaze down

Upon smaller beings.

Eternal reminders of frailty and time.

Essence by essence ,

We will stand by hoping,

Praying, wishing for answers.

Cast away the sorrow.

Cast away the pain.

Cast away the grieving,

The anger, the jaded,

The weak, the innocent.

How can so little consume so much?

Believe in surrender.

Believe in simple.

Believe in quiet.

Believe in still.

Waiting is really just a moment,

Ever fleeting farther and farther away.

surreal poetry
Brianna Lynn Galligan
Brianna Lynn Galligan
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Brianna Lynn Galligan
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