Mermaids Are Fighters

The Emergence of Kaya Saoi

Mermaids Are Fighters

The tide

It ebbs and flows

My mind

It comes and goes

The waves take me like lovers

Their rough caresses leave me bruised

But I like it rough.

I open my mouth but the saltwater doesn’t sting

Instead it welcomes me

As a mother welcomes her child.

The sea is my world.

And as I sink and drown and die,

My skin becomes abalone

And my nails are made of shells.

My teeth are jade and my eyes reflect moonlight.

I am sea

Sea? Saoi? A wise woman disguised as a child.

No one wonders the tolls of the wisdom until she speaks with 19 years charred by sage brush and cigarettes.

But this mermaid swims free.

She laughs as the hooks sting into her flesh

And cuts the line.

She treasures the scars.

Her screams summon storms until her throat feels like sand.

She savors the chaos.

The sea is unforgiving.

nature poetry
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