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Merlot Show

by TGSOT about a year ago in love poems
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Another blind date gone right

Merlot Show
Photo by Caroline Hernandez on Unsplash

Oh how beautiful she is on this fine night

Her glow, more bright than the limelight

Intrigues me more than one's own constant thoughts of despair

Oh how beautiful you are

The glimmer in your eyes twinkle like the light radiating from a star

My pleasant evening to be

How is it you've come thus far and no man has bestowed you with a ring

To make you a Queen inside the Kingdom of a king

You surely are a mans wildest fantasy

The more I drink from the glass of merlot

It makes me want to proceed to the room and continue the show

Please tell me how this blind date couldn't go right

The way you speak so eloquent

With a beauty to match which is so heaven sent

Do tell me all about you

Tell me all the things that you love

And further more about that which you hate

As we eat our delicate meals we share laughter over the joy of these 5 star plates

Tell me darling about the fantasies that await me

Save me the trouble of allowing my imagination to run rampant

Lets skidaddle and smoke a joint to captain planet

Darling I'm trying to tell you that I adore you

Your company is truly to be cherished

Like the love of an heiress

I'll do whatever to see you smiling on a night out in Paris

Baby I can cater to you

I knew you were the one as I awaited your arrival

Even the most eager of women have doubts about their bridal

But yet fate allowed us to meet

The night is young and the wine is splendid

Bright cellars wine and drunk love with words twisted

What I say in confidence can all be gifted

After we take a ride we can relax and get lifted

My beautiful honey bee I would pollenate you like flowers

Passionate love making from wine upon hours

I can give you what you want and you'll look at your previous like cowards

Baby tell me what you want from me

Your smile, the way you move your hair behind your ear, and the way you laugh after a drink make me hypnotized by your beauty

The Merlot we drink is quite substantial

What a fine night to reenact 50 shades of grey

A night under the moonlight with romantic play

Look me in my eyes and tell me you can't stay away

While I sip more Merlot from the bottle

Tell me what you want so I can cater to you

Look me in my eyes and tell me your desires

Act out your fantasies that give you your fire

My sweet Merlot queen

Let this love burn Brighter than Cellars

Climb on top of me and kiss me

Let your cares go and remember its just me and you

I'm not here to judge you after just one night

But let it be known I'm as high as a kite

Off your love such a drug I can feel it ever so clearly

Throw your phone if it rings

Rip my shirt off as we embrace each other like mad wild beasts

Let me treat your body like a starving man in front of a feast

Allow me to sweep you away like the wind in the east

Stilleto pumps, Red lipstick, and heightened desire

The look in your eyes is filled with an ice cold fire

That burns hotter than liars

Show me everything that you cannot say

Lead me to your sanctuary of interconnected webs

Like a Black Widow spider

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