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A Short Poem about Memories

By Jose SanchezPublished 12 months ago β€’ 1 min read
Photo by MakπŸ’›πŸ’™ on Unsplash

I wonder where the memory goes when it gets locked away

A deep and lonesome corner, I think is safe to say

I wonder though if maybe its easy to define

A hidden place, a storage space deep inside the mind

From favorite songs

To where the fork belongs

And everything between

A place to store

The things that bore

And times people were mean

Where do these little memories go until they stumble back?

I would mind for us to find the memory storage rack

Alas someday I’ll find a this place inside the brain where memories seem to stay

But then again if memory serves… wait… what was I going to say?


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Jose Sanchez

Howdy! I’ve been writing for about 9 years now. Everything from plays to graphic novels to short stories to haiku’s about hating retail. Thanks for the support! Feel free to follow me on social media. Enjoy

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  • Esther Ami12 months ago


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