by Grace Tiger 2 years ago in love poems

You and Me


Driving tonight I realized, it was pure darkness, no moon as my guide.

Thoughts of u soon took me away, total bliss at the park that day.

A memory I hold deep in my heart, a wild fantasy right from the start.

I close my eyes, I feel u in my arms, I can taste ur kiss, promising me no harm.

I often wonder, do u think about me? Do I cross ur mind, do I invade ur dreams? Can u feel my touch across the miles, does the thought of me still make u smile?

I'll carry u with me whenever I go, I'll always love you, this I know!

love poems
Grace Tiger
Grace Tiger
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Grace Tiger

I love to write poetry. Some good, bad and indifferent. Just THOUGHTS MY MIND HAVE FOUGHT.

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