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Memorial Way

by SM Fitzgerald 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Poem for Our Soldiers and Their Families on Memorial Day

Memorial Way

How many of us sit home alone

On a Veteran’s or Memorial Day

Contemplating the choices we have made

Thinking of someone who is so far away.

We watch families gather around our town

We see their flags waving high

Yet we feel as alone as we can possibly be

We can’t even figure out how to try.

It's not that we didn't get an invite

To a gathering meant to celebrate

But it's hard to find a place of joy

When for a soldier, we sit at home and wait.

Because even when they are home

It feels like they are never quite there

You can see the longing on their face

Feel the sadness in their stare.

When they are happy, they are over the moon

When they are sad, they are the epitome of doom

When they love you they love with all that they are

When you have them near you, they still dream of being far.

They’ve chosen a life of supreme sacrifice

War is their addiction, their life and greatest love

They feel more at home in the sands and gunfire

You can always tell that home is just never enough.

It’s not that they do not love their family

Not that they do not love their friends

But their brothers and sisters in arms

Have saved their lives and over backwards bent.

Taking orders is easy, and the enemy is easy to spot

Home can be like a torture, waiting for a bomb to explode

They wait for an enemy lurking, hiding in the brush

They just are never sure what they are supposed to do.

Well intentioned family gathering and cheering around

It can be so overwhelming they just panic inside

It’s not that they do not appreciate what we try to do

But a battle zone is hard to let go of in the mind.

We thank them for their service and try to buy them things

But they always reply that “it was just a job”

Their heart is sacrificial, they’d do it again and again

The war in their minds never stops.

Around and around go their thoughts and dreams

Swirling sands, guns, and their brothers overseas

They regret each life that they’ve had to take

But to protect us, they’ll carry that super heavy weight.

So next time you see a soldier

Sitting alone in a coffee shop or store

Let him know you know his sacrifice

That he couldn’t possibly have done anymore.

Let him know you are here for him

Even if he is a stranger on the street

Lots of times they are lost in their minds

Lost in the desert someplace overseas.

It can be so paralyzing for them

Trying to get used to a civilian life

So much they just can't adjust

They have lost children, sons, and wives.

Thank a vet whenever you can

Because you’ll never meet a more noble man

Because he gave his life, watched his brothers fall

He gave some to many, but for us he gave it all.

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SM Fitzgerald
SM Fitzgerald
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