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Me and my friends

by Manthan 4 months ago in sad poetry / slam poetry / performance poetry / nature poetry / love poems / how to / heartbreak / fact or fiction
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Same in matter of girl


Me and all my friends,

are crazy and mad.

Wherever we go

There Create trouble.

Knowingly we don't do,

we have such behavior.


Whenever see a girl,

We all together tingles,

You say it whatever,

But we are singles.

We set own hair, ask else.

How I am looking? Good or ghost.


We also try to impress her,

One by one, we don't fight,

Individually, we try own luck.

We try, decision would be of her.


You can say it is nature or habit,

But we call it own passion and pleasure.

* * *

sad poetryslam poetryperformance poetrynature poetrylove poemshow toheartbreakfact or fiction

About the author


loving, living, chilling, relaxing, enjoying life,.... I am full crazy and bizarre 😍🥰😜😝. I read and write poems - poetry. And in rest of time I 🤔🙄🤭🤫🥱.

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