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Mask Off

by Tecoria Savage about a year ago in performance poetry
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Between me and you

Mask Off
Photo by LexScope on Unsplash

Ice on my shoulder, Ice on my chain can’t allow these haters to fuck up my name.

They may have crossed me out but I came from above got one the greatest to carry me

Street professional, know your books ain’t that the truth Can’t change who you are and that’s realer than who

But what would you know about that y’all Ghost, boo

Scream one thing now it’s all about loyalty

and dishonesty,

talking about things you will never do, and performing it perfectly,

But real dudes that touchdown screaming same thing they love permanently...

But that’s between me and you.

performance poetry

About the author

Tecoria Savage

Poetry is for the soul, speak the words of wisdom and love. My words are loving for Justice for the world and my community. To settle arguments for families that are in need. Respecting the ones that can’t and settling for the truth.

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