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March 21st, 2021 13:02

by Erica Jordan about a year ago in slam poetry
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March Equinox

March 21st, 2021 13:02
Photo by Ben Mater on Unsplash

March 21st, 2021 13:02

March Equinox

I sat outside taking in the Sunday sun, warming up from the sun.

Two cops go by

Fuck you, keep it moving. I’m just a hippy.

Smoking in my city.

I can’t wait to see your city

You’re the thing on my mind

You and your daughter.

You know your name, you have me.

With that smile, we’re in a trance.

Those eyes, they are my home

You are my home.

See I can’t write about anything else that’s on my mind.

You’re on my mind, my mind goes to you.

I’m in love with you,

I love soaking up the sun.

I love watching you shine.


slam poetry

About the author

Erica Jordan

Tea is drug. I'm chronically ill. I cant do much except my art that helps my nerve pain and function. That's baking, painting , writing..... anything creative to use that outlet to express myself . Stay Wild Moon Child.

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