Mama Blowin' in the Breeze

by Tom Baker 6 months ago in sad poetry


Mama Blowin' in the Breeze

She sent her out,

(to play,

one day

in May;)

And in the ceiling, by hook or by crook;

Next to the nook,

Where they cook...


It was one dip of road,

going down to the brown,

crown / of the house

Like a mouse

(she scampered across fields and yards)

where tricycle rusted in the Midwestern breeze

unfettered louse

(And I can't believe)

And she wore the sunshine like dappled green

(a crown)

And the light sent tall shadows down,

(a diadem a rose for the hanging body)

in death's repose

in the noose suspended

Across the fields

(The shadow painted across kitchen floor)

as baby comes back inside the door

for lunch

(and cartoons promise that even nightmares sometimes have an ending...)

And there's a human being

(holding fast)

Like "angels farting on the ceiling..."

And the little eyes

(look up in wonder)

Without tears

for now, for now, for now...

sad poetry
Tom Baker
Tom Baker
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