Make Me Forget


Make Me Forget

my head lying on your chest

syncing your breath with mine

tears ran down my face

you didn’t seem to mind

until I looked up

And realized

You are fast asleep

not wondering why

My sorrows are spilling on you

just idly dreaming by

and I questioned myself

And everything that night

wondered why I was lying there

why I had ever returned

as I look up at you

at peace

I wonder when I can feel like that

at ease

I run my fingers along your neck

kiss it slightly

wonder if this is really what love is

why I had never been warned

about the sleepless nights

the worried soul

the constant lies

the growing hole

of darkness that I have been thrown into

and can not escape

the confusion

the tears

the fears

but at least sometimes we share good nights

where we swear we love each other

even after the fights

where your love feels real

where it all feels real

when i think it feels right

until you’re asleep and I might

just think about it all

until into a sleep I pretend to fall

to quiet my mind

as I hope you awake

and kiss my forehead and make me forget

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Jessica Portnoy

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