This poem is dedicated to those battling lust and for those searching for love.


Lust is like a whisper in the night

You feel it, but there’s no sound

Sometimes, it gives one a fright

But darling, just ignore your heart that pounds

“Be still my princess.”

He gently whispers into my ear

Never have I ever been in such distress

He kisses me, but his lips just smear

Not many people know of his doings

His voice as wretched as Satan himself

Is there no ending to this madness?

Someone please just help.

That horrid sound of happiness

People talking about love

Do they not realize my distress?

They say we fit just like a glove

For the love of God,

Just stop treating me like an abomination.

I can even hear his dogs,

As he does his examinations.

Who knew, lust was my own worst enemy?

Is love just for those who still dream?

I only ask for one thing,

Please fight for me?

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Cassidy Smith
Cassidy Smith
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