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Lunar Lament

A Poem for the Moon

By shammuPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Lunar Lament
Photo by malith d karunarathne on Unsplash

Oh, Moon, so bright and full,

Shining down upon us all.

Why must you wax and wane,

Leaving us in darkness to fall?

Your light is a comfort to some,

Guiding them on through the night.

But for others, your absence is gloom,

Filling their hearts with spite.

You are a symbol of love,

And of mystery untold.

But why must your light be so fleeting,

Like a story yet to be told?

Oh Moon, please tell me why,

You must rise and then set.

Why can't you stay in the sky,

And shine forever, yet?

But perhaps that is not your way,

To shine endlessly bright.

For though you may be fleeting,

You will always be our guiding light.

So I'll gaze up at you,

As you hang in the night sky.

And I'll cherish the time you're here,

Before you bid goodbye.

And I know that though you'll go,

You'll return once more.

So I'll wait for your light,

And forever adore.

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