Rhythm and Poetry


I see life in a maze, haunted or just plain. Came across a fairytale, but she flew away. I haven't seen her since, since then, things don't make sense. Maybe a dollar or two, so chill "why you hollering, boo?" Kicked off my shoes and start hollering, too. I see life in a maze, running, or walking through. I wonder how my coffin feels... Do you? Woody, sandy, or does it smell like the color blue? Who knows, and who knew? Life's a puzzle that doesn't stay together, no glue... I've seen and flown through most of you, I don't want to laugh no need to make a joke of you. No joker here, all love and mixed faces, no poker here. Don't provoke the man that never spoke. Feeling the sight and smelling your fear. The devil is coming... I think he's here. No dramatics, just carefully planned tactics hard as a dump truck, sharper then a cactus. All truths here, no acting. This'll actually happen. He will find you with your family and upon one of them you're smacking. He'll find you in deep sleep or when you're napping, in your favorite place to eat after you made a mess a started dabbing your napkin. He will find you in heaven skipping around, he'll find you in hell adopting a puppy from a pound. He'll be there while you're spending cash or pounds. No worries beautiful people, he's never been found. Dyslexic, but don't put me out for the count. I can't afford it, but don't say I can't amount. You have 28 grams... Well I have an ounce. You pounded, I pounced. I float, you fly. You shed tears, I cry. You have sliding glasses, I have doors. No matter how less, no matter how more, this world is ours... Your favorite store. - JOSH


performance poetry
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I'm an aspiring singer/songwriter. I live, feel, and breathe music in my everyday life. I've gone through many things at a young age and hope I can help someone else and myself by posting this. I love you guys very much. Pm me for questions

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