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Lovingly remembered

A reminder of the beginning.

By Merrie SandersPublished about a year ago 2 min read
Lovingly remembered
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"Take me back to the beginning,"

I say to myself.

It's been so long now, and I need a reminder.

It is the feeling

of falling into a song.

A feast of sonic pleasures.

Rhythm and melody, swaying as one.

Lost in a harmony so luscious and smooth.

The same song on repeat, but you can't get enough.

With a friend, feeling all shades of blue

when I saw you walk in, confidence hugging your cheeks.

To smell the hookah clouding the air around me

and hearing the snow crunch outside.

Along with the feeling of endings near

and changes baring their teeth.

It is a moment in time

of youth and long years ago.

My friend popped up to say "hi"

and you nodded along,

eyes focused only on me.

Inviting us over to sit with your friends,

I politely declined. "Girl time instead."

I remembered a dream I had

where we were the best of friends,

the type of dream you never want to end.

Curious, for sure, but not quite ready to jump.

Loud beats and smoke growing thicker,

my reluctance grows weaker and weaker.

It is the feeling

of sinking into a sleep

After a night of no sleeping at all.

Walking all day toward an enveloping bed.

A tangle of quilts and sheets, and you can't get enough.

The feelings of comfort and peace and adventure all wrapped in one.

Through the talk and the chatter,

I could feel it inside that we would be something.

A flash forward to a passion, a friendship and rest.

A completion, a spirit, not driven by spite.

Something authentic, real

and right.

The way you look at me, like everything new,

makes me feel so hungry inside.

Overcome by an urge to reach out,

to feel the warmth from your body on mine

and to hold your hand sweetly

as we brave the ice outside.

It is a moment in time.

A food that tastes unbelievably good.

A medley of flavors from all over the world,

lovingly prepared by the most skilled of hands,

A rich sauce drips from your lips, warming the depths of your bones.

You feel sated, but not uncomfortably so, but you still can't get enough.

It is a feeling and a moment.

Surrounded by warmth and by light.

All your favorite colors brightening the darkest of nights.

The feeling of finding something you didn't know was missing.

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About the Creator

Merrie Sanders

Writing for fun and as an escape from the everyday. After all, what is life for if not to create?

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