Loving Eyes

by Jessa Good 2 years ago in love poems

A peom for those who await true love.

Loving Eyes

Your eyes tell me everything,

I look deep inside and see,

the love you shelter within me.

I see the past,

the day we met,

and all the memories kept.

I see the future,

when our children play,

and how together we pray.

Your eyes don't see the present,

they see what I've overcome,

they see what I can become.

Your love knows no gender,

the only race you care for

is the race to see me soar.

Your eyes hold gentleness

and they only explore

when I am willing to offer more.

Your eyes want to see me succeed,

they shout encouragement,

even when the words are silent.

I feel comfort

when you rest your gaze

and my mind becomes a haze.

I know you love me,

your eyes said so,

therefore I will always know.

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