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Lovesong to Vernal Equinox, Standard Time

by topaz winters about a year ago in love poems


Lovesong to Vernal Equinox, Standard Time

Trillions of beautiful things but just one you.& isn’t that miraculous, the earth giving upits glory in springtime. Choral & dimpled.The longest night is passed, meaning willcome again sooner than any of us want toadmit. Every last bud smells like what we’velost. I love you right now & this does notmean I won’t ever love anything else, it

means I can’t help but love everything else.

The walls—nonexistent, windy—casting

their images of light back into my eyes.

Tender as the world that wakes up again,despite. To pass through a season insteadof scrubbing yourself with it is a little fate,

a little luxury. I am so windchime, I am so

porch swing, I am so in love with springI want to wear it on my wrist like perfume.

The deepest ache playing on repeat: there

is nothing new here, except for everything.

The sun sways atop us, dwelling in her

own newness, & for a single day in March

we are unafraid to be man-made, unafraidof the memory of hurricanes, unafraidto kiss out loud.

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topaz winters
topaz winters
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topaz winters

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