Love You More Epilogue

A Poem

Love You More Epilogue

I'm 18 now, sitting on the ground

Two years past the hurt you left me with

Memories of bruises still haunt my skin

I don't know if the nightmares ever will end

Took those two years to let a man in

But I'm stronger now than I've been

This life is worth more to me

Than the broken promises and dreams

That you kept repeating as if they compensated

For the broken bones you left behind

My reeling mind couldn't be contained

As I tried to make sense of it all

It took a year to even be touched

Without flinching and running inside

Because all a man's hand ever graced my skin with

Was another gash or bruise to hide

This next healed my physical scars but left me with his own

Cuts you can't bandage to stop the bleeding

Or stitch up to make them whole

The words I love you meant little to none

Falling off those lips of stone

And my tears once more soaked the hard wood floors

As I dragged my feet, marching on

I have to keep going

It must get better

Someday, Somehow

Because everyone sings of that shining little rainbow

That sits just behind the clouds

It gets harder to breathe as I pull my eyes closed

Letting the darkness wave in

Maybe rainbows just weren't for me

Maybe rain is where I now live


A glimmering lantern was lit in the dark

A hand held out for me

As as I took that first step back

He held me tight, brought me back from my past

This third taught me the new meaning of love

The one where it conquers all

The kind of love you read about

Holding you up when you fall

And he healed my hurting heart

By saying everything I once told you

Oh sweet dearest

How could I love you more

And one day you'll know it's true

Sarah Holdsworth
Sarah Holdsworth
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