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By Arsha writerPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In the realm of emotions, love does reside,

A powerful force that cannot be denied.

It moves through our veins, like a gentle breeze,

Filling our hearts with an enchanting ease.

Love is a language, both spoken and felt,

A symphony of emotions, never to be dealt.

It whispers sweet nothings in the depths of our soul,

Making us feel complete, making us whole.

Love is a journey, a path we all tread,

With twists and turns, and moments of dread.

But through every hardship, love still remains,

A beacon of hope, a cure for all pains.

Love is a fire, burning bright and true,

Igniting our passions, making dreams come true.

It warms our spirit, like the sun's golden rays,

Guiding us through life's unpredictable maze.

Love is a dance, a rhythm so divine,

Two souls entwined, in perfect harmony aligned.

It moves with grace, like a swan on a lake,

Creating a bond that no one can break.

Love is a gift, so precious and rare,

A treasure to cherish, to protect and to share.

It knows no boundaries, no limits, no bounds,

It transcends all differences, it knows no grounds.

So let love be your guide, your compass, your light,

And let it lead you through the darkest of night.

For in the embrace of love, you will find,

A joy, a peace, a love that's truly divine.

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