Love Therapy

by Crissy DXCII about a year ago in heartbreak

Is it you or me?

Love Therapy

A measly $5 is too much for your attention.

Something I just crave the love and affection.

But you happen to be blind to my needs.

Apparently I need therapy.

I'm too much?

That's what you're telling me?

Maybe this is the payment for my bad deeds.

I cling to you unintentionally.

Observing your reactions in my memory.

But it seems as though this is pointless.

Or maybe I do need therapy.

Probably too much for anyone.

Could it really be me?

I need to erase my stress.

You have me second guessing my intentions.

Creating potential preventions.

Crissy DXCII
Crissy DXCII
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