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Love story (58)


By Love storyPublished 7 months ago 1 min read
July 1981

In shadows deep

A wounded heart does weep

Trauma's grasp

It’s secrets locked so tight

A wife once free

Now burdened with the night

Haunted by memories that never sleep

She walks a path where echoes softly creep

A life once vibrant

Now dimmed by the fight

But strength endures

Her spirit takes its flight

To mend the wounds

Her heart begins to sweep

With love and time

the scars may start to fade

As tender hands and whispered words embrace

She'll find her way through darkness, unafraid

A journey to heal

To find her rightful place

For in her eyes

Fire still burns bright

A wife

A survivor

Reclaiming her light

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Love story

My heart, forever yours to keep

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