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Love Salad

A Recipe for Hearts

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Love Salad
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Love Salad: A Recipe for Hearts

Forget the greens and cherry tomatoes bright,

This salad's made with flavors more alight.

No leafy base, no vinaigrette so tart,

But ingredients that mend and mend the heart.

First Course: A Pinch of Trust

Like breadcrumbs scattered, trust must first be sown,

A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there, unknown.

Small gestures offered, secrets whispered low,

Building bridges, where doubts once used to flow.

Second Course: A Splash of Laughter's Wine

Laughter, a vibrant red, a festive hue,

Chases away the shadows, clears the view.

Shared jokes and wit, a merry, bubbling sound,

Lightens the spirit, on love's fertile ground.

Third Course: A Slice of Spicy Passion's Heat

A dash of chili flakes, a fiery embrace,

Passion ignites, a quickened, burning pace.

Stolen glances, whispers in the ear,

A longing deep, a love that conquers fear.

Fourth Course: A Dollop of Forgiveness Cream

For even love's sweet journey has its bumps,

Misunderstandings, leaving bitter clumps.

Forgive the harsh words, the anger's fleeting sting,

For love, like cream, can smooth and gently cling.

Fifth Course: A Handful of Respectful Herbs

Respect, the parsley, garnish ever true,

Acknowledging differences, yet seeing them through.

Valuing opinions, honoring each other's worth,

A base of respect, giving love its birth.

Sixth Course: A Crumble of Supportive Croutons

Like croutons, strong and standing tall and proud,

Support each other, when doubts begin to crowd.

Celebrate successes, big or small they seem,

A love that lifts you, a supportive team.

Seventh Course: A Drizzle of Sweet Compromise

Olive oil, a symbol of give and take,

Compromise needed, for love's sweet sake.

Meeting halfway, bending with the breeze,

Creating harmony, where both hearts find ease.

Eighth Course: A Shaving of Patient Parmesan

Love doesn't ripen overnight, you see,

Patience, the Parmesan, grated finely.

Allow it time to grow, to strengthen and mature,

A love that's patient, forever will endure.

Ninth Course: A Spoonful of Unwavering Loyalty

Loyalty, the avocado, a heart that's true,

Standing by your side, in moments tried and new.

Through thick and thin, a bond that cannot break,

A love unwavering, for each other's sake.

Tenth Course: A Generous Pour of Unconditional Love

The dressing, last but most, a love that's free,

Unconditional, flowing endlessly.

Acceptance, kindness, a love that knows no bounds,

The sweetest ingredient, on which true love is found.

Toss and Serve with Hearts Entwined

Now toss these flavors, let them all combine,

A love salad unique, truly one of a kind.

With hearts entwined, savor every bite,

A love well-seasoned, a beautiful sight.

A Final Garnish: A Sprinkle of Forever

For a final flourish, to make the dish complete,

A sprinkle of forever, oh so sweet.

May love's deliciousness forever stay,

A nourishing feast, brightening every day.


About the Creator

Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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