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the greatest mystery

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Explore Love
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Love, a whisper in the rustling leaves,

A sudden warmth when winter harshly grieves.

A boundless ocean, vast and ever deep,

Where mysteries untold forever sleep.

It blooms in gardens, wild and free and bright,

A tapestry of colors, kissed by morning light.

A gentle flame that flickers in the night,

Guiding lost souls with its unwavering light.

Explore, dear heart, this wondrous, vibrant land,

Where every touch unveils a grain of sand.

Unravel secrets whispered on the breeze,

Let passion paint your life with vibrant ease.

First Love's Blush

Innocence unfolds, a rosebud yet to bloom,

A stolen glance, a nervous whispered boom.

Butterflies erupt, a symphony of wings,

In stolen moments, love's sweet promise sings.

Explore the joy, the shy and awkward dance,

The trembling words, a fleeting, stolen glance.

Let laughter echo, chase away all fear,

For in this tender bud, love's promise is near.

Passion's Fire

Hearts ignite, a bonfire burning bright,

A consuming flame that banishes the night.

Desire awakens, a primal, urgent call,

Two souls entwined, surrendering their all.

Explore the heat, the breathless, stolen kiss,

Where boundaries blur in moments pure bliss.

Let passion guide you, a whirlwind's wild embrace,

In this fiery dance, leave not a single trace

Comfort's Embrace

Through trials faced, a hand to hold you tight,

A quiet strength that guides you through the night.

A love that deepens, like roots in fertile ground,

Where solace found, a haven all around.

Explore the depths, the whispered words of trust,

A bond unshakeable, weathering life's gust.

Let comfort mend you, a soothing, gentle balm,

In this steady haven, find peace and growing calm.

Love's Enduring Light

Years may pass, and silver streaks appear,

But love's embers glow, dispelling every fear.

A tapestry woven, threads of shared delight,

A love that stands the test of fading light.

Explore the wisdom, the wrinkles etched with care,

A love that deepens, a bond beyond compare.

Let memories guide you, like stars upon the night,

In this enduring flame, find solace warm and bright.

Love's Many Faces

Love's not confined to lovers' passionate plea,

It blooms in friendships, a loyal, sturdy tree.

In family's embrace, a fierce and tender hold,

A love that strengthens, braving life's bitter cold.

Explore its essence, in every kind embrace,

The love for life, that paints a joyful face.

Let kindness blossom, a garden rich and fair,

In every living thing, love's beauty share.

The Unending Journey

Love's path unfolds, with twists and turns unknown,

A daring adventure, never to be flown.

Embrace the unknown, with open heart and mind,

For love's a journey, where treasures you may find.

Explore with courage, let love be your guide,

Through laughter, tears, with love forever by your side.

For in this exploration, a truth you'll surely see,

Love's boundless essence, the greatest mystery.


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Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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    Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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