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Love Never Runs Out

by Autumn 3 months ago in love poems
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Love Never Runs Out
Photo by José Pinto on Unsplash

You're my best friend. Not even my toughest confessions will be enough to break you. You're always still sitting beside me on my bed. Staring at my bloodshot eyes, knowing that this will be the lowest I'll ever feel. You have faith that I can always work out my biggest challenges. And if I can't, you will put your life on hold because I'm always first priority.

You remind me that the things I enjoy, the people I surround myself with and positivity are the ingredients to a happy life. That as long as I remember who I am, that I will be okay.

Your ability to forgive shapes who I've become. To not let unfortunate people and moments control my every move. To not let emotions from events carry into the future I'm trying to create. You've helped me out of the darkest moments, and from that I've learnt the true understanding of what happiness really is.

However what I really admire, is the way you light up when you see the people you care about most shine. When you turn your families hobbies into your own just so you can see them smile. That must be the true definition of kindness.

I don't think I'll every find the words to describe how amazing you really are. And there is no way to repay you for the best life you've given me.

I love you forever mom.

Autumn T

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Writing has always been my escape from reality. Letting me put memories, pain and desires into words. I enjoy making my stories poetic to really capture the scene and feeling of each line.

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