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Love Language

by Burt Boileau 4 months ago in sad poetry
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Is it really love or mental abuse?

Love Language

I’m doing my best

to make this work out

because I feel

I’m losing grips

of my current reality,

as you’re the only thing

to make sense to me.

I’m doing my best

to not stutter this love language

through my facial expression.

But every time I open up

about how I feel

when receiving your love.

It’s like you’re not trying

to comprehend.

Why is there so much difficulties

when it comes to our communication?

love is suppose to be patient

but with you it feels like a tug

to marriage with no foundation

of solid friendship to work through

tough times like this.

Please stop smacking your lips!

it makes me feel unwanted,

as if whatever

I say don’t matter

and that my presence

has no value.

Do I not exist!

This love language,

excuse my French

it makes me feel like.

You know what never mind

I’m going to end it at this.

Your love language

is mental abuse

and I can’t take it.

sad poetry

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Burt Boileau

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