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Love in the Shadows

A Silent Ballet of Love in Hidden Corners

By Heroes Paul MmanjamwadaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the realm where shadows softly sigh,

A tale unfolds, concealed from the sky.

Love, a clandestine affair it weaves,

In hushed whispers, where silence conceives.

In the quietude of the hidden embrace,

Their hearts entwined, an intimate chase.

Silence, a language between entangled hands,

Speaks volumes in these clandestine lands.

Each stolen glance, a clandestine art,

Painting emotions on the canvas of the heart.

In shadows cast by the moon's soft glow,

Love blossoms where secrets dare to grow.

A symphony of silence in the midnight air,

Echoes the depths of a love affair.

Unspoken words, like petals unfurl,

In the garden where clandestine passions swirl.

Yet, shadows dance with delicate grace,

As two souls navigate love's hidden space.

The world outside may never understand,

The beauty born in the shadows' gentle command.

Oh, the sweetness found in the quiet,

In the moments when the world falls silent.

Love in the shadows, a masterpiece untold,

Where silence speaks, and hearts unfold.

But beware, for shadows also fade,

Their secrets revealed in the light of day.

Will love survive when the silence breaks,

Or crumble beneath the weight it takes?

In the symphony of silence, they find their song,

A melody of love that's been silent for too long.

For in the shadows, where secrets reside,

Love persists, resilient, and undenied.

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About the Creator

Heroes Paul Mmanjamwada

Heroes is a storyteller with a passion for crafting narratives that captivate hearts and minds. With a flair for words and an insatiable curiosity about the human experience, Heroes has honed the art of storytelling to perfection.

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