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Love in the longest way

Love in the longest way poem

By THEOPHILUS NAGBERIPublished 3 months ago 2 min read
Love in the longest way
Photo by Travis Grossen on Unsplash

The scent of aged pages, a symphony untold,
We met between the chapters, a story yet to unfold.
Your laughter, a bookmark on a cherished line,
Our love, a whispered secret, forever entwined.

Like worn spines whispering tales of time,
We hold each other's stories, a love truly sublime.
Ink-stained fingers trace a path we'll explore,
Together we'll write ou. **Constellation Love**

Beneath the velvet cloak of starry night,
Our love story unfolds in celestial light.
Ursa Major, a watchful guardian above,
Guides us like whispers, a boundless, endless love.

Cassiopeia's crown, a glittering diadem,
Reflects the sparkle in your eyes, a love's sweet hymn.
Two shooting stars, a fleeting, fiery streak,
Trace our intertwined destinies, forever unique.

The Milky Way, a river of shimmering dreams,
Bathes us in its luminescence, where our passion gleams.
We'll dance among the constellations, hand in hand,
Our love story etched in starlight, across the promised land.

The warmth of your touch, a summer's gentle breeze,
Melts away the worries, bringing me to my knees.
Your laughter, a cascade of wind chimes in the dawn,
Chasing away shadows, a new day brightly born.

The scent of your hair, rain on sun-baked earth,
An intoxicating fragrance, a love of purest worth.
The taste of a stolen kiss, ripe berries sweet and bold,
A promise whispered, a story waiting to unfold.

In every sight, a canvas of vibrant hues,
In every sound, a melody love imbues.
My senses sing of you, a symphony divine,
A love that transcends words, forever intertwined.

This worn pocket watch, its hands forever stilled,
Marks the day we met, a love forever thrilled.
A faded photograph, sepia tones of then,
Two young souls embarking, on a love that has no end.

A chipped coffee mug, etched with our initials true,
Holds the warmth of countless mornings, spent just me and you.
A well-worn ticket stub, a concert etched in time,
Where melodies of love intertwined, a love truly sublime.

The wrinkles on our faces, a map of laughter's line,
Tell the story of years, a love that's truly thine.
This watch may stop ticking, the photos may fade,
But our love, a timeless treasure, forever unfaded.

Like fierce Athena and her cunning mind,
You inspire my battles, a love I can't unwind.
My heart, a winged messenger, Hermes on the run,
Delivers messages of love, till the setting of the sun.

We stand like Ares and Aphrodite, entwined,
A warrior's strength with beauty so refined.
Through challenges we conquer, like trials untold,
Our love, a mythical tapestry, forever bold.

No labyrinth can hold us, no monster stand in our way,
For our love burns with the fury of Zeus, lighting up the day.
So let the legends whisper, of a love divinely blessed,
A love story for the ages, forever put to the test.

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