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Love at First Site

by Paul and Jordan Aspen 5 months ago in love poems
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When your heart finds a home, we call that love

Love at First Site
Photo by Al Kawasa on Unsplash

I suppose you could say it started

with a blind date.

No one person set us up;

Jon told me about you

after Em had already offered

to introduce us in person.

It was a meeting of convenience.

I walked over after work

since you were nearby.

Coming around the corner

I saw you.

"Too good to be true,"

almost escaped my lips.

You were exactly

what I'd dreamed of

but never told anyone

I was looking for.

Masking my eagerness

I got to know you,

explored a bit,

not poking into any nooks or crannies,

at least not yet.

The time for that would come

soon enough.

After all, it only took a glance

to know I wanted to move in.

Hardwood floors,

a bathtub with claw feet,

white and blue kitchen

like I'd always imagined,

even an old icebox built

right into the wall

—and of course

the classic front porch

that I saw first

when I fell in love

with my first home.

love poems

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Paul and Jordan Aspen

Professionally, we help entrepreneurs get other people to sell for them through the power of social proof. Learn more at civanpro.com

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