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Love and Fight of a Man

There is a man who has been fighting all his life

By Farhat NaseemPublished about a month ago 2 min read
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There is a man who has been fighting all his life,

There is a man who has been fighting all his life.

He has been struggling, clawing, biting, grabbing,

Kicking and punching every day and night,

He has been fighting for his life.

He was a boy, fighting and starving for bread,

He sought for rest and safety

He wasn't destined to obtain.

He knew his lot was the struggle,

So he wrestled with rulers, prison, and pain.

This man has been hungry, and he has been full.

He cannot be tempted with food or pleasure,

He will not give himself to his belly

Or temporal pleasures that will leave him hungry tomorrow.

What shall the critics say to stop this man?

Their ridicule, anger, and painful words are vain,

Their faint whispers are not heard.

As this man's soul preaches to himself only the truth,

The cheers of the crowd are empty to him.

With gracious, knowing smiles, they applaud and flatter,

But their games do not touch him; he doesn't care to win.

The slave of comfort fears the fighting man,

The life of comfort has weakened his knees and soul.

Unable to face the struggles of this life,

The slave of comfort returns to the chains of his warm bed.

The free man fights for his brothers and sisters,

Only they know and hold his heart.

Together, they destroy wicked obstacles,

As he leads them on the righteous path.

This man is full of grace and peace,

He will never strike first,

He will never join an unjust war.

Yet his weapons are always ready for battle,

His rage will be released upon any threatening evil.

It does not change through winds or losses,

Failure or success will never end him.

He will never quit, he will never back down,

And he will fight until the day he dies.



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About the Creator

Farhat Naseem

Hi, I am Farhat Naseem. A book reader, knowledge seeker and story lover. I try to decorate ideas and feelings with words. Health, motivation, and general knowledge are the topics I prefer to read and write.

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Comments (2)

  • Sweileh 88827 days ago

    Interesting and delicious content. Keep posting more

  • Emos Sibu Poriei (Kaya)about a month ago

    I love this spirit! ❤️

Farhat NaseemWritten by Farhat Naseem

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