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Love And Care [Poem]

A short poem on love, care, and healing yourself.

By Unbounded SoulPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Love And Care [Poem]
Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

There once was a heart that was broken,

Fragile and shattered, a jagged token.

But then she met a man, with a heart of gold,

Who helped her mend and made her whole.

With a smile that lit up the darkest night,

And a touch that made her heart take flight,

He showed her love could heal the past,

And together their love would forever last.

They laughed and danced beneath the stars,

And shared secrets, hopes and scars.

They knew that with each passing day,

Their love would only continue to sway.

Through the trials and the tribulations,

Their love stood firm, a strong foundation.

And as the years passed by,

Their love only continued to fly high.

So if you ever find yourself alone,

With a heart that's lost and on its own.

Just remember true love is out there,

And it will heal and mend with care.

© Unbounded Soul, 2023

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Unbounded Soul

25, Poet, Learner, Searching for lots of adventures, Traveler.

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