Love and Bodies

by Ama Leona 2 years ago in love poems

A Poem About Human Connection

Love and Bodies

It didn’t happen by chance

But all it took was a glance

Which I wasn’t expecting

And I knew that we would begin this dance

Of our limbs moving.

Soon our bodies became cogs in a machine

Intertwining so perfectly

The rhythm of you matched the rhythm of me

And I couldn’t imagine to be

without you

How did I live my life for so long without you

And I thought, there’s no way that this is real

All these things that I can feel

That I never thought I could feel before

Until you came along.

Who knew that a small piece of flesh

extending from more flesh

That’s extending from larger flesh

Could make me feel connected.

We were trees except Picasso was the one who painted us

Our branches stemming from random places

And the dimensions of our faces

Still had lines but it wasn’t bark.

It was soft. And it was warm.

And we could shift our features to reflect how we felt

Where the windows to your soul could make me feel cold

Or could make me melt.

Love is something no machine can understand

Because it doesn’t get how your calloused, clammy hand

Correlates to my happiness.

It doesn’t get why I can’t get

Your laugh out of my head,

That I can only sleep on the right side of the bed

Because yours is the left.

The machine would only analyze what you said

But it wouldn’t care about the way your lips looked perfect

When they moved.

The way you moved affected my life

The way our bodies moved through the world affected my life.

Your body was not just a vessel with your soul as its passenger

Your soul was an artist that turned itself into a mobile masterpiece.

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Ama Leona
Ama Leona
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