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Love, a Feeling That Runs Deep

Exploring the Depths of Love and the Power of Connection

By MAKING REAL MONEYPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
Love, a Feeling That Runs Deep

Love is a feeling that runs deep,

A river that flows and never sleeps.

It's an ocean of emotions, vast and wide,

And in its depths, two souls may abide.

Love is a bond that transcends time,

A connection that's eternal and divine.

It's a force that binds us, heart and soul,

And makes us feel complete and whole.

Love is a flame that burns so bright,

A light that guides us through the darkest night.

It's a warmth that fills us up inside,

And leaves us breathless, satisfied.

Love is a melody that sings in our hearts,

A rhythm that never falls apart.

It's a symphony of passion and desire,

And in its sweet embrace, we never tire.

Love is a gift that we must cherish,

A treasure that we must nourish.

It's a journey that we must take together,

And in its embrace, we'll find forever.

So let us love with all our might,

And bask in its eternal light.

For love is a feeling that runs deep,

A river that flows and never sleeps.

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  • Centina Alexa König-Weichhardt9 months ago

    Your poem reveals the profound nature of love and its multifaceted existence, evoking powerful and poignant imagery that depicts love as an infinite, omnipresent force. Your words express the transcendent quality of love that surpasses time, as well as the warmth and illumination it provides in the midst of darkness. The poem's cadence and structure create an immersive experience, binding the reader to a continuous flow that reinforces the idea of love's enduring and unrelenting presence. The closing lines are an earnest call to love fiercely, to seize the infinite light that love provides, and to cherish its transformative power. It reminds us of the significance of love's enduring hold on our being and the importance of nurturing its potency to find fulfillment and wholeness in the world. Thank you

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