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A Poem


Love is an art. Love is an abstract, beautiful concept. Love has many meanings, shapes, colours, sizes. Love is different for everyone. Love has no time limit, or pretense. Love can happen at first sight, in line at the food court of your local shopping mall. Or Love can be with your best friend that you’ve known since you were little, 15 years later. Love can make the darkest days light again with a simple phrase or gesture. Love can make you feel when you thought life was numb and pointless. Love is just so interesting and amazing.

Love is evil. Love can tear your heart out and stomp it into the dirt with all its might. Love can lie, cheat, and steal. Love can look you in the face and tell you that you never meant anything at all to them, even though just last week they took you out to your favourite restaurant, told you that this was forever and that they would never hurt you and gave you that shirt you’ve been eying for the last few weeks because they care SO much about you and understand your wants and needs and pay attention to the details. Love can reassure you of your anxiety, make you feel not crazy for your feelings and over thinking, then spin around, 180 indy grab for that 1000 point combo on Tony Hawk’s Underground and get pissed off for your insecurity and completely invalidate your point about why you were upset in the first place. Love can dig you deeper into that hole that they ever so heroically pulled you out of, like Mario saves the princess, every game but somehow she ends up right back where she started, but with a new plot. Love can destroy you from the inside out. Love can make you never want to love again.

But at the end of the day, aren’t the most beautiful things, created from the most broken?

love poems
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