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Does love exist?


Dear Love,

I want to know you, in your rarest form. Deep down, in my heart, I know we were put on Earth to love. Today, love has become so complicated; it makes me wonder, if I've ever knew her at all. Tolerance is not love. We, as humans, have become so comfortable with hatred; hate holds no place in my world. Love, I want to know you but you feel so unattainable.

Tell me, have I met you, perhaps in another life... before I became consumed with so much pain? Answer me, do you exist at all? I've waited my entire life but all I feel is shame. I've loved and I've lost but I've never seen you face-to-face.

I'm starting to believe storybook love doesn't exist but I'll never accept a reality without fairytales. Fairytales helped me me breath as a child, without fairytales, I don't believe I'd understand love. But maybe that is the problem. Maybe I've spent too much time reading about what love should be. I wonder how I'd view love after I look up from this silly book? Would I realize it is all around me or will I only see hate? So tell me, love, have I met you before or is it all a dream?

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