by Alexa Haer 2 years ago in sad poetry

Losing Someone You Love


Life always felt annoyingly normal when everyone was still on this Earth

In a single blink of an eye, people can be taken from you

Whether it be by their own hand or someone else's

The empty bedroom that they once inhabited left vacant

Some or all of their things are left behind in need of a new owner

The air becomes stiff with grief and words left unspoken

When will the pain finally decide to release its cold grip on you?

They say you have to go through stages but that's not true

Some deaths are harder to bare than others for whatever reason

Maybe all the talk is true and you will meet again

Nothing is guaranteed in life except the final curtain call

Beliefs only get you so far when someone important is taken from you

Life will never be easy but therein lies the challenge

sad poetry
Alexa Haer
Alexa Haer
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