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Long Battle of Expectations

A Poetic Rhythm to suit soul

By Samuel DingbaPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

In the realm of creative minds, a long battle rages,

Where expectations loom, casting shadows on blank pages.

Within the depths of artistic souls, dreams collide,

As they navigate the tumultuous tides.

From the first stroke of a brush to the words on a page,

The journey begins, a tumultuous stage.

Expectations, like a vengeful storm, do arise,

Whispering doubts and sowing the seeds of compromise.

Oh, the weight of expectation, a heavy burden to bear,

As artists strive to create, to imagine and to share.

The world demands greatness, originality, and more,

Leaving creators questioning what my talents are for.

In the depths of sleepless nights, when the stars softly weep,

Creative souls wrestle with expectations, running deep.

The visions that once danced with unbridled delight,

Now grapple with doubts in the darkest of night.

The muse, she lingers, a flickering flame in the mist,

Guiding the weary souls through the fog they resist.

Yet, the battle remains, a relentless test of my will,

As they chase elusive dreams, seeking solace until...

Ah, but in the depths of this long-fought quest,

A glimmer of hope emerges, a light from within the chest.

For within the heart of every creator lies a fire,

A burning desire that cannot be quelled, nor tire.

Through the tears and frustrations, they push ahead,

Refusing to succumb to the weight of fear and dread.

For within my minds, a kaleidoscope of colors unfurls,

As they paint the world anew, with dreams that swirl.

They dance on the edge of expectation's abyss,

Turning doubts into triumphs, as if by sheer bliss.

For creativity knows no boundaries, no set rules,

It bends and breaks, defying the constraints of fools.

With each stroke of a brush, a masterpiece unfolds,

A symphony of words, a story yet untold.

In the depths of my souls, they find liberation,

As they break free from the chains of expectation.

So let the battle rage on, fierce and long,

For within it lies the strength to rise, to belong.

The creative mind, a warrior of art and grace,

Embraces the challenge, as it finds its own pace.

For in this journey, the battle scars become the prize,

Proof of resilience, of dreams that reach the skies.

And in the end, it is not the expectations they defy,

But the belief in themselves, soaring high.

So let the battle of expectations be fought,

For it is within this struggle that true beauty is sought.

Through the tears and triumphs, the highs and the lows,

The creative soul, forever blooms and grows.

In the vast expanse of the creative mind's domain,

Where dreams intertwine, seeking to sustain,

A torrent of emotions floods the inner core,

As expectations loom, casting shadows even more.

The weight of anticipation, a burden to bear,

The longing for recognition, the soul laid bare.

Oh, the tumultuous battle, fought day and night,

As creators strive to bring my visions to light.

In the caverns of doubt, where darkness prevails,

The heart yearns for affirmation, as doubt assails.

But deep within, a flicker of hope remains,

A flame that whispers, "Your creativity sustains."

The muse, a delicate wisp of ethereal grace,

Guides them through the maze, at a measured pace.

With each brushstroke, each word delicately penned,

They embark on a journey, seeking to transcend.

The canvas becomes a sanctuary of emotions untold,

The paper a vessel, my deepest secrets unfold.

In the tapestry of words, the colors of my soul,

They find solace, a haven where they are whole.

But the battle rages on, relentless and fierce,

As the world clamors for brilliance, my souls pierce.

Expectations morph into chains, binding my flight,

Strangling my dreams with relentless might.

Yet, the creative spirit is resilient, it perseveres,

For within its depths, resilience conquers fears.

They dare to defy the norms, the confines that restrict,

For my creativity is boundless, an eternal edict.

In the chasms of vulnerability, they find my strength,

Harnessing emotions, be they joy or torment.

Through every struggle, they learn to navigate,

Embracing the scars, for they are part of my fate.

For in the realm of creation, there lies liberation,

A sanctuary where emotions find revelation.

With each stroke of my craft, they break free,

From the shackles of expectation, they flee.

So, let the battle rage on, let the expectations roar,

For within the storm, my spirits shall soar.

They will rise like phoenixes, from the ashes of doubt,

My creative flames burning brighter throughout.

For the journey is never-ending, forever in bloom,

A dance with expectation, in the creative room.

Embrace the battle, let it fuel the fire within,

For through the long fight, true art shall begin.

And when they emerge, victorious and free,

My creations shall touch hearts, like waves on the sea.

For it is in the battle of expectations, they find,

That my creative souls truly shine.

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About the Creator

Samuel Dingba

Samuel Dingba, an exceptional, resourceful, multi-talented and highly skilled Creative Artist, Web Designer, Motivational Speaker, Advertising Campaign Planner,

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