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Lonely Lament of Lila

A Melancholic Monologue

By Victor OkekePublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Photo by mxsh on Unsplash

Lonely Lila, lost in life

Longing for love, facing strife

Lurking shadows, causing fright

Lamenting past, lost in the night

Lonely Lila, longing for light

Looking for love, out of sight

Longing for someone to hold her tight

Losing hope, as the days take flight

Lonely Lila, living in lies

Longing for love, with tearful eyes

Lingering doubts, that always rise

Losing herself, as each day dies

Lonely Lila, locked in her mind

Lashing out, but hard to find

Languishing in love that's blind

Lacking light, but too proud to find

Lonely Lila, lost in her grief

Longing for someone to bring relief

Limping through life, with no belief

Lacking love, but still holding brief

Lonely Lila, lost in the night

Longing for someone to make it right

Lingering in loneliness, with no respite

Losing herself, in the never-ending fight

Lonely Lila, longing for a way out

Looking for love, amidst the doubt

Lingering in sadness, with no clout

Lamenting life, with a silent shout.

Lonely Lila, longing for the day

Living in hope, in her own way

Lingering in love, that will never stray

Lamenting the past, but ready to sway

Lonely Lila, learning to love

Looking for light, from up above

Lifting herself, on the wings of a dove

Leaping towards life, with a hopeful shove

Lonely Lila, lost but found

Living in love, with a newfound sound

Lingering in happiness, that knows no bound

Liberated from sadness, forever unbound

Lonely Lila, the journey's not done

Living in love, under the setting sun

Lingering in hope, that's just begun

Living in joy, one step at a time, one by one.

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About the Creator

Victor Okeke

Hi there! My name is Victor and I am a writer. I am passionate about writing and love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. So, join me on this journey and let's explore together!

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