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The Tragic Tale of Tessa

A Lament in Lyrical Form

By Victor OkekePublished 6 months ago 1 min read
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Tessa's tears are flowing fast

Trembling, tortured, trying to last

Tears that trace her tragic past

Trapped in turmoil, too long amassed

Tessa's heart is heavy, hurting

Tossed by tempests, tears blurring

Tormenting thoughts are unfurling

Terror grips her, time unyielding

Tessa's hope is fading, fleeting

Trapped in a world that's unrelenting

Tortured by feelings repeating

Time moves on, her heart keeps bleeding

Tessa's dreams are dying, dead

Tethered to a past that's bled

Trapped in sorrow, she has fled

Timeless agony is all that's left

Tessa's life is lonely, lost

Trapped in pain that's worth the cost

Tormented by memories, tossed

Timeless sadness, she has crossed

Tessa's story is a tragic one

Told in tears that never shun

Tangled in a world undone

Torn apart, her heart is spun

Tessa's fate is sealed in pain

Trapped in a world that's insane

Tenderly she bears the stain

Tortured soul that will remain

Tessa's tears will never dry

Trapped in a world that's full of lies

Tangled in a web of goodbyes

Trembling, she will close her eyes.

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About the Creator

Victor Okeke

Hi there! My name is Victor and I am a writer. I am passionate about writing and love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. So, join me on this journey and let's explore together!

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