London Robertson

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Brighter Days

London Robertson

You capture daylight between your fingers. You put rays of sunshine to shame. You outshine stars, outburn flames and bring light to the darkest days.

My London, my one and only. She loves me so much that she steals parking cones off of the street and gives them to me as think I'm joking, but I'm not, not in the slightest.

London is The Valley's Sunshine, and if you know her well enough, you won't question why. She shines beautifully and brightly so the world, our world, my world, The Valley, has a light to live by. I can always tell when London is close to me, even when I haven't seen her yet; because I have this irresistible urge to smile and suddenly, everything in life is the best thing and the worst things don't seem so bad. I smile brighter when Lu's around and happiness is the single emotion I possess. I share a lot of laughs with London and years upon years from now, I plan to share more. She is crazy gorgeous, crazy hilarious and crazy...crazy.

London has always made me brave, she gives my life a sense of pure, genuine joy that feels unreal. She's one of the best, a gift from God with irreplaceable value. There isn't another person like London in the world, and for me, she's just better than most, as she should be, as she will always remain.

London truly is my sunshine, my only sunshine. Grey skies are nonexistent when she's around. I think she knows how much I love her and I dare anyone on this earth to try to take my sunshine away.

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