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Little Things

Any and Everything

By Nia WilsonPublished about a year ago 1 min read

What gives me amenity are plenty

Seeking joy in the litte things in life is an art

Allow me to share in what gives me comfort, i know just where to start:

It’s in the hug from my mother

The firm grip of her mother

Generations of love being there for one another

It’s in the laughter of my father

The playfulness of my brother

And the protection that each of them give

Seeing the sun emerge at dawn in all of its splendor

The moon that takes its place at dusk, lighting up every corner

It’s in every breath i take, knowing that it’s not by my favor

It’s in the diversity of today, beauty celebrated in every flavor

It’s in the purr of my kitty, reassuring he will always be with me

It’s in the vibrant colors of flowers, the peace that nature brings

It’s in the God that I serve, how praying to them eases my mind

It’s in the provision I have, telling myself I’m not too far behind

It’s in my community, the village prepared for me, enablers to my success

It’s in my bed, quilt, and pillows, when getting ready for a good nights rest

What brings me amenity are plenty

Revealing them is a work of art

And if you may ponder, you might not know where to start

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