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Little Lives

A piece on the shrinking of life and the growth of appreciation.

Little Lives
Photo by Charley on Unsplash

One little life inside a box,

Where flowers are watered and balloons are popped.

An alternate reality. A slow moving game.

A miniature world that feels no pain.

Three little lives inside my house,

Just me, my dog, sometimes my spouse.

We rattle around our 1000 square feet.

A safe little bubble. A privileged retreat.

Eight little lives up on the screen,

Two people each on four quiz teams.

Contactless contact. Laughter. Smiles.

Love that travels over 5000 miles.

Ten little lives up in the air at last,

Heart rates up, with faces masked.

It’s harder to breathe but still we soar.

The weight of life shrugged off at the door.

A million little lives outside, they go on.

My street, this town, this country, beyond.

One day we’ll look back on this strange little time.

But for now we stay present in our own little minds.

Lauren Baer
Lauren Baer
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Lauren Baer

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