by Broken Walls about a year ago in sad poetry

I'm not worth your time.


Don’t ask me to move the world for you

Don’t pretend that you care

Stop giving me another chance

I’m not worth the effort

Do you think that I’m a good person?

I’m not

I just sit here and pretend that I matter to the world

I don’t

Do you feel like you owe my something?

No one owes me anything

I never did anything worth anyone’s time

I just fell in line

I’m not a light that shines

I’m not some hopeful end

Nor a tale to spin

I’m just another mind that went numb

And I’ll just be another body that goes limp

sad poetry
Broken Walls
Broken Walls
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Broken Walls

I don't really know what I'm doing; I'm starting to think that maybe that's okay.

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