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Limitless gasps for life

by Novlet Allen 28 days ago in performance poetry
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Mind and body colliding

Mcgill library - unsplash

Today I feel the need to reach out and become the thing that I am not

So to become that which I should be

That which I must be

To break the barriers that hold me captive

Thus releasing myself from myself

My mind feels bogged down beneath the mire

That I have created, unwittingly so

And imprisoned my consciousness stranded in time

Would that my chains were not so tangled

Disallowing the clasp of strangulation

Literal or figurative

From ensnaring or freeing my thoughts

And enveloping my timely gasps with fingers of deathly intentions

While striving, reaching for life sustaining breaths of living waters

Let me then be that which I am to be

That free, unencumbered entity of light and song

Dancing on rainbows and slumbering on stars

Baying at the moon with the freedom of wolves

Seizing, clutching, holding tight to existence

When Living is fully encapsulated into the life that I choose

To harness, explore and be enjoyed to the fullest imaginable

Till that life which is fully lived and conquered

Bids me adieu at it's peaceful closing of goodnight's curtain

Let happy be my sojourn into peaceful tomorrow

Fully knowing that naught is left undone

All was done that could be done

And sweet is my forever, adieu, adieu

Goodbye, goodnight and adieu.


Again I say, adieu.

Javardh - unsplash


performance poetry

About the author

Novlet Allen

I am an aspiring writer and poet. I find words delightful. Every poem, or story that I read or write, enriches me. 'Read a thousand books (or stories), travel a thousand miles'.

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