Like an Orgasmic Release

by Rowan Finley 6 months ago in slam poetry

A Poem

Like an Orgasmic Release

A poem written well is like an orgasmic release,

may the carefully placed words of this poem never


Leaving you breathless and calm,

to read it again and again without any qualm.

Praising the poet who took the time,

to skillfully weave the rhyme.

In and out,

specific route.

Praising the hand who wrote the words,

beautifully flying around like bluebirds.

Write on my dear poet,

your heart, never ceasing to show-it.

Tickle my ears and squeeze my heart now,

after your work is done you may take a bow.

Rest assured that your words will linger,

like melodic notes of a world famous singer.

To be in your shoes or in your head,

even though you may be long gone or dead.

Wondering what you were seeing, or hearing,

after your words went disappearing.

A job well done because that line I shall not forget,

as I ponder endless meanings here as I sit.

slam poetry
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