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Like a Wispy Hummingbird

by Bryanna Burshnick 4 years ago in inspirational
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She was madly in love with herself, flaws and all.

She was afraid.

Afraid of disappointing the ones she loves, afraid of failing out of school; out of life. She was afraid of what others might think of her, of what they say behind her back. She was afraid of never living up to the expectations placed upon her. She was afraid of never really living.

She was lost.

The world around her is so perfectly put together and she was lost trying to find her way too. She was losing faith in herself; losing hope that she will figure it out. She was starting to lose her way and nobody was there to help her, to listen to her.

She was broken.

Much like a broken record, her life was on repeat. Work, school, sleep. Work, school, sleep. Work, school, sleep. She worked so hard to balance anything else in between that never-ending cycle. She was so hard on herself, that the cracks in her soul kept getting deeper and deeper.

She was lonely.

The depths of her mind were a dark place. With only her thoughts to keep her company, she felt there was no one to help her. She felt nobody understood her, and she struggled to keep it together. In her world of friendly faces, she never felt more alone.

She was messy.

Clothes littered her floor, thoughts jumbled her mind, and there was never enough time in the day. She thought if she could at least keep her space tidy, then she would be able to keep everything else in her life the same. But she tended to lack the motivation and she felt like a burden asking for help.

She was kind.

Even to the people who were cruel to her. It just wasn't in her blood to be mean. She would joke and have fun, but she could never be sincerely mean. She let the world push her around and tear her down, but she didn't have the capacity to return the favor. She believed in always being kind even to those who might not deserve it.

She was strong.

She held on to so much. Bottled it up. She was built tough and it took a lot for her to crumble. Her skin was thick. She got hurt a lot, but she learned twice as much. Lessons were the bricks of her fortress. She caught whatever was thrown at her.

She was compassion.

The sun made her shine. The rain breathed life into her soul. The snow had her sparkling. The thunder roared with her heart. The trees were her backbone. The flowers displayed her beauty. She had a passion for happiness; hers and those around her.

She was forgiving.

She was free of regret. She held no grudges or ill-will. She was at peace with pain. She refused to live in a jail of bitterness. She knew that this was for her, not for others.

Like a wispy hummingbird, she was light and swift, lifting away negativity with her wings, bringing beauty with every flutter. She was a walking work of art. The bad did not define her. It shaped her and it scarred her. She was imperfect and that was okay. Using every minute of the day, she tirelessly worked to right her mind. To push the grey clouds from behind her eyes, and remind herself of the good in her. If she knew anything to be true, she knew this. She was madly in love with herself, flaws and all.


About the author

Bryanna Burshnick

I'm an aspiring writer, music believer, food endulger, and lover of life here to share my own experiences, ideas, advice, and beliefs!

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