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Nature's Light Show

By Kamika PricePublished 4 months ago 1 min read

Lightning, a flash in the night,

It's an electrifying, vibrant sight.

Composed of electric tendrils of luminosity--

Nature's unrivaled artistry.

The crackling bolts make carvings in the sky,

Telling the darkness, good-bye.

Its sounds, a melodious roar,

It is the symphony of thunder, most people abhor.

In brief moments, it paints the sky everywhere,

A brilliant tapestry, so vivid and rare.

It inspires awe, fear, and delight

Electrifying the senses, dazzling the sight.

Lightning, a briliiant blaze

An artistic, intricate maze.

Bright bursts light up the sky,

Flashes that can blind the eye.

Lightning, nature's light show, fireworks in the air

A breathtaking spectacle, beyond compare.

nature poetry

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